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Equestrian Events in Palm Beach

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The Wellington Hospitality Group first started making waves doing Equestrian events production and catering. Our deep connection with the Equestrian community is from our years of creating memorable events with them, and extends to our planning and catering today for diverse types of Horse Shows and high end Equestrian major events.

The Wellington area and its communities are the home grounds for many passionate horse owners, riders, and professionals. We share the same passion and drive for the sport. This is also a part of our planning and doing top notch celebrations with them. Imagine what we could achieve for your own celebration using our expertise and experience. Your venue and location could be the next memorable event transformed into excellent celebration spaces.

We also have our exclusive venues we have close ties with bringing these major events to life: Valiente Polo Farm, Santa Clara Polo Farm, Santa Rita Polo Farm, Idlewild Farm, To-kalon Farm plus a few more in the future!

The Wellington Equestrian Community has been our close partner for major horse shows and Equestrian events. We are created the planning, events production, and catering for these major events, and group created the Sunday Brunch & Polo, followed by catering and production for all sixteen weeks of the High Goal Polo season in the International Polo Club for all ten seasons.

Aside from these are other major Equestrian events in the past, such as:
– The Wellington Masters
– The Palm Beach Masters
– Prince Harry’s Sentabale Polo Cup at Valiente Polo Farm
– Lustiano Horse Auction
– The World Dressage Masters
– International Gay Polo Tournament
and much more.

Past Event Photos

We’ve made ticketing options for events with us so much easier: We now offer fully automated online customized ticketing options. You can use this with your website, or a new one especially done for your event.

The ticket tracking system includes the following information: the ticket type, sales person, date, plus any other metric you want to include as a custom feature for tracking. We use a calendar that highlights the inclusive dates if it were to be a multi-day event.

From here, certain users can be given specific access to the system, including “sales only”, or “administrator”. Ticket sales can be made by guests through the website via credit card, as well as on the day of the event with cash, credit cards, or check.

For those purchasing tickets at the day of “Box Office” sales, terminals are available with bar code scanners and credit card readers, together with our trained box office staff. The tickets can be printed by the guests and scanned here prior to entrance at the event.

Once scanned, they are automatically registered in the system, which eliminates any duplicate tickets. Digital copies of the tickets on smartphones can also be scanned for confirmation. All these transactions are immediately recorded and confirmed real time on our system for hassle-free accounting.

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