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Incredible starters create a grand impression for some of the most epic parties that the Wellington Hospitality Group has hosted. And we know how to wow you with a welcoming taste with our awesome Hors d’ oeuvres. Originating in France, these small treats create the biggest taste waves, where their attractive presentations equal its exquisite and unique flavors.

An array of the best elements of fresh seafood and meats that are flash fried, marinated, grilled, or smoked, and vegetables with creamy, cheesy, and tangy sauce combinations are artfully constructed in small pieces on interesting serving trays, or tapas plates on swing glass & iron buffets. They are accompanied by appealing visuals of flowers and decors, and served by our top notch staff. You know you want a bite, right now!

We popularized the Action Station in our catering: They are more than just centerpieces that make your parties and events much more delectable. Food is served by our top Station Chefs, or on ready to eat, do-it-yourself interactive stations. They are properly presented with appetizing décor that grabs your attention every time.

For example, those hosting a brunch can get our omelet, waffle, French toast, and crepe stations that will instantly form hungry queues with a spread that includes ripe fruits, cheese, fresh vegetables, and must have sauce options.

Some of our in demand and popular options include: The Asian Rim Sushi Bar, Argentine Asado, 50’s Comfort Cuisine, Tapas Bar, Tuscan Antipasto and Pasta Station, Smashed Potato Martinis, Classic Carving Station, Flaming Gaucho, Asian Wok Stir-Fry, Taste of Mexico, Panini Hot Press, Wrap It Up, and many more.

The one that you’ve been waiting for, the main center pieces of our catering, our entrées – and they look as gorgeous as they taste. It’s an alchemical balance of sights, sounds, and great wafting aromas, priming, tempting you for that first bite into our highly delectable menus and main choices. Please indulge.

You can almost taste it: an impressive selection of international and pop cuisine, fresh local produce and ingredients, dual entrée seafood and pasture sourced options, perhaps some French, Asian, Brazilian menus, special ethnic and family recipes from the South to Brooklyn, barbecues, and tropical or asado menus.

All these create a kaleidoscope of amazing flavors fitting your festivities – whether they may be an anniversary, birthday, bar or bat mitzvahs, or even outdoor parties. Take your pick, all of them are top quality choices to experience.

Our food is not only a gastronomic, but also a visual feast. From the attractive decors and spreads, to the accompanying theatrics in what could be Food Entertainment, if there be such a sophisticated field.

We pride ourselves with three main culinary theatrics:

Molecular Gastronomy: this is the science of food involving the triumvirate of chemistry, physics, and knowledge of ingredients. We have reached a balance in creating geometric shapes, tastes, temperatures, and air pressure to present our food in creative and unique ways.

Smoking cocktails, faux caviar of olive oil for our hors d’ oeuvres, and transparent fruit spheres loaded with intense citrus flavors, for example: these delicious wonders totally leave a lasting unique impression only from us.

Sous-vide: or Low Temperature Long Time, is a delicate art of cooking that retains ultimate juiciness, aroma, and texture that you cannot achieve in higher temperature cooking. Mastering a delicate art, and turning it into one of our regular features with our Top Chefs is a Wellington touch, even at serving up to 500 guests all at once!

The Fire Roasted technique: is performance and culinary art combined – united in manipulation of fire to cook some of our delicious food. It is a sight to behold, and a taste to savor, and is beyond just your regular roasting or barbecues.

We employ a host of techniques for impressive viewing, and then eating: a long raised grill suitable for classic burgers, hotdogs, portabellas; a fiery torch and wrought iron stand combination for flame roasting beef, lamb, pork, and duck; the traditional South American  use of a wire grate over a wood burning pit for grilling chicken, ribs, corn, potatoes, and vegetables.

Pair them with our sumptuous sides such as gazpacho, grilled flatbreads, Chimichurri and other sauces, dips, chutneys, artisanal cheeses, trout pates, mussels in a cauldron, charred corn-on-the-cob, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus and other veggies, and they become even more perfect. Add some garden fresh green salads for balance, and top it off with dessert options such as berry cobblers, fresh fruit salad, and apple crisp to complete your experience.

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