An Asian inspired action station is always a guest favorite


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An Asian inspired action station is always a guest favorite

The hottest trend among event planners and caterers is offering and providing fancy action station services to birthday and wedding functions. In dining occasions, people used to choose an option between acquiring a plated service or a single table buffet service style. Depending on the formality of the event, the overall vibe and atmosphere rests on your decision and or preference. Opting to have some casual action stations would be nicer, as it is similar to a buffet, it can also reduce waiting time at long buffet queue lines. In addition, guests can also enjoy the opportunity to interact with the chef.  I would say that a chef-attended food station complements an event largely. This kind of catering service provides a variety of good food and even entertainment, as these action stations serve as an avenue for chefs to display and exhibit their cooking expertise.

According to a Chicago-based research firm, more Americans are getting interested in ethnic cuisine, spanning out from urban areas in the West and East coast. Ethnic foods that are all growing in popularity includes Korean, Southeast Asian, Thai, and Vietnamese. In Palm Beach, Florida, event planners incorporate diverse catering themes and ideas to satisfy customers’ selection.  One of the favorite picks is including an Asian inspired action station to an event. The Wellington Hospitality Group identifies that it has become more preferred and favored by guests and companies. In a survey about Asian food, people’s top choices include dim sum, Peking duck, sushi rolls and stir-fry. Particularly, Chinese buffets are perceived important and popular in business functions and events.

Naturally, a live Asian action station will look stunning with a ‘wok stir-fry’ spectacle. Event goers get genuinely impressed with the sight of chefs preparing custom dishes, stirring, tossing and mixing crisp vegetables, shrimps, flavored chicken or beef cuts, made specially to suit the tastes and preferences of invited guests. For Chefs Aaron and Julie Menitoff, the growing popularity of Asian action stations in South Florida should be greatly accommodated. Alongside with the premier catering team in West Palm Beach, our chefs proudly present and offer Asian cuisine with creative and innovative menu set-up, and a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Who would resist to indulge in a chef-attended sushi counter with a variety of sushi rolls, impressively displayed on an ice table, including made-to-order wasabi and ginger sauces? Chef Aaron’s much loved stir-fry station has a wow factor, coming in with wok prepared chicken or shrimps complemented by a variety of vegetables, from Chinese cabbages to bamboo shoots, teriyaki sauces and Lo Mein noodles.

Apart from the ever growing fascination of American food lovers to Asian cuisine, fresh, original and creative concepts for hosting and catering Asian action stations grants extra impact to the business. But most importantly, the interaction that engages the guests to ask questions, share ideas and have a chitchat with the chef while cooking and serving special requests, makes the overall experience outstanding and memorable.