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If you choose to hire a wedding planner that will help you prepare for your big day in Palm Beach, Wellington Florida, make certain that you check their credentials and qualifications. Wellington Hospitality Group has a deep understanding of special event administration, management and production. If you insist on getting your own wedding planner that isn’t a problem, however, with a complete portfolio of services, Aaron and Julie Menitoff can insure your big day is simply perfect.

For couples who prefer to have their wedding in the great outdoors, an elegant, rustic barnyard wedding ceremony could be the spot-on answer. Typically, in the Southern United States, wedding parties and events are classically arranged and orchestrated in family estates, lodges, farms or ranches. Respectively, most of the populace in these regions can be seen as traditional, practical and realistic as they appear to be acquainted with how and what to spend and save on several intimate occasions, most specially on wedding celebrations. Needless to say, we also love making our brides get that cheerful stance of the moment, every jiffy – from choosing beautiful venues, setting stationery designs, towards creating an elegant and vibrant atmosphere on their big day. It is a fact that the venue we choose has the biggest impact on special events and functions because it affects the overall experience of the entourage and guests. Hence, rustic wedding venues are associated with the informal and casual atmosphere.

On bridal venues, despite there are so many sites to choose from, a Southern inspired wedding would be completely charming and attractive in a farm or barnyard setting. In West Palm Beach, South Florida, no more than The Wellington Hospitality Group is capable of making your rustic romance fantasies come true in real life. Rendering WHG’s expertise in events management, our team of wedding planners and organizers might just help you find the perfect idea to suit your countryside wedding theme. Obviously, the most common venues for a country style wedding are barns, farms and ranches. These very simple locations fundamentally contribute to the rustic vibe setting. The simplicity blends well with sophistication in style depending on the couple’s personal and unique imagination. The Wellington Hospitality Group crew and staff would be able to lend a hand in providing proper planning, coordination and on – site event management. Apart from being the Chief Director of the company, Aaron Menitoff can also officiate weddings and nuptials. And as a wedding officiant, it would be an honor for Menitoff to lead, solemnize and preside on wedding ceremonies. Given that the WHG has been offering full catering services in Palm Beach, the team would also be able to grant and offer delightful reception packages from the dramatic display of hors d’oeuvres to appetizing meals served in buffet or plated style. 

In line with barn receptions, which has been becoming more trendy and fashionable these days, one clever way to elevate this is to consider holding your wedding rites inside the barn itself. Envision twinkling lights at the ceiling, glam up florals lining the aisle and lovely table tops against woodsy surroundings, sounds very enchanting right? On the other hand, weddings ought to be timeless albeit the fad. The search for plush wedding venues matter, however what’s important is how you would spend this special day with family and friends. If you are considering to have a rustic, barnyard wedding, why not? It will definitely take you to a fairytale wedding in the woods.