Elevate your BBQ with The Wellington Hospitality Group


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Elevate your BBQ with The Wellington Hospitality Group

A good barbecue is hard to resist! No other way to go but give in – whether it’s a DIY backyard barbecue, or a posh, classy one at an elegant venue. Roasted, grilled, smoked, or charcoal cooked meat is a sure hit for everyone.

The Wellington Hospitality Group knows this – the classic barbecue is one of their main attractions in the menu. We serve it at celebrations of all types. From the informal small get-togethers at a house party or a big proper and formal function for hundreds. There’s a reason why it remains a regular in our menu.

The Barbecue Experience

One of the best things about barbecues is enjoying them at your parties or maybe at a big event. And the next best thing about it is doing away with the time and effort of preparing and cooking. Those two things can be too time consuming and tedious, especially for many servings. Well, leave it to us.

The next time you’re having a barbecue party, a birthday, a night out with friends, you can call us to book and prep your event and just sit back, relax and have a good time. The only thing you need to do is eat!

You can book your barbecue party or have it on the menu and served at your house party or chosen venue. You can also do this with any one of our signature venues. And you can be sure the experience is as up-level as only our five star Wellington menu can. Whether as an entrée, a menu addition, or just a straight up backyard barbecue style party.

We even have it as part of our special culinary theatrics – the Fire Roasted technique, as we call it, which is not only a gastronomic, but also a visual feast as we make it a show let us show you the wow factor while you watch us cook.

Other important barbecue matters

It’s a classic staple that’s tried and tested for food palates of all kinds. All countries have their variation of the barbecue. It also applies to all major meats: pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. It may be basic, but it can also be versatile and dynamic too, when paired with other sides and drinks.

The classic barbecue can either be fire roasted, grilled, charcoal cooked, or smoked. Mixing and matching it with some good sides heightens the experience, as the barbecue flavor is highly compatible with all sorts of great sides. You can choose from salads, coleslaw, salsas, pickled veggies, potato dishes, biscuits, cornbread, buns, rice, fries, beans, mac and cheese, sweet corn, roasted veggies, and so on.

We haven’t discussed drinks yet, but we feel that this is a wide discussion that includes everyone’s fave – from the common orange soda, to iced teas, to your or everyone else’s favorite beers, mixed drinks, liquor, shots, and everything in between.

Well, our bars and other beverages, and the specialty bar additions we have in all our parties can attest to that. Virtually any favorite drink you want and have totally pairs up with our barbecue specials. The only logical step for that party is to have both barbecue and bar in perfect gastronomic unison. And simply put, yes, it makes the party even more awesome.