Hurricane Dorian Help: Wellington Hospitality Group readies food providing operations for active linesmen


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Hurricane Dorian Help: Wellington Hospitality Group readies food providing operations for active linesmen

Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, just having stormed the Bahamas, is expected to hit Florida, Georgia, and Carolina coasts this Labor Day weekend. It is currently the most powerful storm circulating the globe – and the USA.

Evacuations and disaster preparedness steps have been taken to ensure the utmost safety of citizens living in these areas. Those in the forefront of restoring power in the wake of these heavy storm-hit areas will also need our help. They bring the city back to its feet after all the chaos has ensued.

The Wellington Hospitality Group has organised call outs for Hurricane Staff for help. They and the company are tasked in providing daily cooked meals to linesmen working the field to restore electricity and power to Florida. This ensures that power restoration will be more efficient and help dedicated linesmen do their duty to the full as Dorian continues to wreak havoc on the East Coast territories.

Owners Aaron and Julie Menitoff leads teams of chefs, cooks, kitchen prep staff, managers, servers, and their business suppliers in mobilizing trucks to camp base sites to set up, prep, and serve food for active FPL linesmen in the thick of power restoration duties. This has been one of their duties to their community aside from their renowed catering and party planning business.

This is not the first time they’ve organised relief operations of this magnitude. They handled Hurricane Michael and Irma relief and feeding operations in 2017. Irma was their biggest relief operations so far, having served 35000 cooked meals to hundreds of FPL linesmen working around the clock to restore the city’s power connections all throughout.

Those who answer the call to join and help with WHG’s volunteer mission work to help our linesmen involves not only prep and serving of hot meals, but also organizing product orders, fueling, monitoring food refrigeration temperatures, as well as cleanliness and wrap up at the base sites.