Partying when the Sun goes down


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Partying when the Sun goes down

A Night Theme Party is a fun project for party and event planners. Night time celebrations tend to be more special: there’s a certain look and feel, a flair for fashion and fun that’s more engaging. People tend to have more fun and let their hair down more. It is the best setting for all these.

West Palm Beach night parties for instance, tend to be more colorful, even off the hook when it comes to the fun, the food and drinks, and the presentation. Grander than when the sun is up. Both the location and the party presented becomes the main event. But so are all of the elements too, for a great and successful celebration.

Getting all things right

It is important that when planning a night celebration, you have the best choice of catering and planners in mind. The Wellington Hospitality Group is the OG of party planning and catering: world class food, drinks, presentations, planning, and venues.

From small weddings, to medium scale parties, to large formal dinners, and community events, they’re the preferred company.

It’s no secret: owners Aaron and Julie Menitoff and their staff has spearheaded some of the best known Palm Beach catering and events planning – from start to finish. All elements of the event are taken care of at a higher level. Experience and expertise on all things celebration-related are thorough. This is the alchemical balance and art that makes them the experts of this field.

Some of the most important elements in setting up a party, from a small crowd level, to a community dinner or party function, will involve the following:

a. A suitable location and venue, generally accessible to guests, fits the total number of people, and answers all the needs for the type of party

b. Food and Drinks, a killer combination of which makes the party even more memorable. These are planned with events planners and sometimes is related to the theme of the event. A specialty bar adds a nice touch with a nice array of modern and traditional beverages on hand.

c. Entertainment, from the played music, performing DJs, bands, stage performers, dance floors, to traditional shows and mini-events. There are also other additions like photo booths, event photographers, games, group activities, what have you. As long as they are within schedule and fit the venue space. They add immensely to the lively environment and keeps the energy level of guests on high.

d. Theme, look, presentation: Some parties need an over the top feel, others need a simple night chill out look overlooking the West Palm Beach night sky with a dazzling nightlife; others have to be more in tune with kids and teens, others are a little more decadent in food and bar choices.
Having these ideas with your planners and caterers ensures a great time and something that guests will remember. All these are on the Wellington menu, and are taken care of equally by experienced party planners and staff. They also take care of the presentation, entertainment, even the infamous “after party” flows smoothly for the wind down.