The 80’s themed birthday party


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The 80’s themed birthday party

There’s an online comment that goes something like this:

1980’s: People can’t wait to see the future.
2019: People want to go back to the 80’s.

Having an 80’s themed birthday party is a sure hit today. It’s fun, nostalgic, and more carefree. People can let loose and be someone different from another era. And party planners are sure to have fun as well planning and organizing these kinds of festivities.

The Wellington Hospitality Group knows this all too well as they can easily do parties like these. From the planning to venue installation and delivery, to pack up and egress. And they can put the fun in funky, and the fab in 80’s fabulous.

The 80’s is everywhere – it has become a genre of sorts, much like the 90’s is also a time capsule genre. And this extends to fun filled theme parties and events simply because it’s more fun to travel back in time. It’s also an escape, to something larger than life because it’s the best of the past – at least in a well done celebration.

The whole look of padded shoulder suits, pastel colors, big hair, bright neon signs, floral and 80’s pattern shirts, colorful cocktail drinks, and synth pop and dance-y new wave music brings a lot of excitement to your parties. While the modern touch is a popular choice, more and more people, even younger crowds are bringing excitement to their birthdays with the 80’s birthday party theme.

An 80’s theme party is a guaranteed hit because many of its elements are easy to pull off without too much effort – from the looks to the music and decors. This type of party theme is easy with more available clothing, accessories, party decors, music, artwork, sounds, and visuals being very popular today. Getting these organized by expert party planners like us is a breeze and will lessen your hassles when you leave them to us.

Pop culture’s obsession may be to blame, but that’s part of its appeal. You’ve got Stranger Things leading hard with all the 80’s nostalgia, as well as the reunion or big tours of 80’s bands, and many trends in music, fashion, TV shows, etc. Most of these have cycled into pop culture, and it’s become cooler to do because it makes your birthday more unique and even more fun.

You can’t blame people for waxing nostalgic on a very cool era that they missed, or totally lived through. A simpler, cooler time when there were less hassles, and some incredible movies, music, artwork, fashion, and when old school tech: cassettes, VHS, Beta, tube television, walkmans, box type cars, etc. were the norm.

All these can be integrated to your own party – whether it’s a small house party for friends, or a big one that has a cool venue and a dance hall like we saw on the show. Additional entertainment options such as dancers, retro bands, DJ’s and the like can be added too. This is fitting since 80’s music is more dance-y and physical in nature, and these additions are offered with the standard parties The Wellington Hospitality Group regularly arranges.