The Kings Academy President’s Luncheon is a success


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The Kings Academy President’s Luncheon is a success

After days of planning and preparation, the much-awaited annual President’s Luncheon for The King’s Academy faculty and staff happened last Wednesday and it was a blast! Most people in attendance will be able to attest and confirm that the event occurred positively and gratifyingly. With that being said, it was the best time for all the teachers and school personnel to whoop it up and enjoy self-earned rewards after a year of hard work. Around a hundred employees gathered together to celebrate, dine and partake hearty meals at the venue. Along with the program primed and presented by TKA’s honored speakers, there was a “tribute to teachers”, an audiovisual presentation which was played on loop. The video exhibited the school year’s club activity snapshots as well as assembly photos with students and parents. The most vital chunk of this social gathering was the overall affirmative response rate to food and service that was provided and accomplished thereon. Favorably, the group of people responsible for the event’s success has been competent and experienced through the years. Once again, Chef Aaron and Julie Menitoff’s best team of event caterers was able to deliver a one of a kind and unique “Wellington Hospitality Group experience”.

The luncheon mainly highlighted and featured a catered buffet menu alongside with the drinks and beverages. Rows and columns of casually dressed up banquet tables and chairs were rightly set up. Foods were perfectly arranged and laid on the table. The whole kit and caboodle looked fresh, delicious, appetizing and in style to boost the guests’ dining experience. In the menu, there were different types of salads, varying from Southern potato salads, mixed fruits and veggies to garden salads served in full texture and flavor.  There was an extensive counter of decadent hors d’oeuvres which captivated the guests with its lavish arrangement. On another food station, there was a colorful selection of pasta, sandwiches, snacks and assorted flavored popcorn displayed creatively in buckets! In addition, this greatly tailored cuisine package had been totally equaled with a band of lovely, attentive and accommodating food staff which is basic and indispensable to achieve an open and pleasant dining atmosphere.

More often than not, event organizers and wedding or birthday caterers in West Palm Beach, Florida usually take on the challenge and competition when it comes to providing generous hands on service. Wellington Hospitality Group’s mastery of contributing contemporary culinary service styles has been a huge benefactor to successful function outcomes. Furthermore, in turn to make events awesome, the entirety of an occasion needs to be top-notch.  Driven by any organizers, planners and caterers’ on site engagement tactics, definitely creates an impressive and terrific encounter for attendees.

In general, what makes an occasion standout and memorable is how well the theme is carried out and unquestionably – providing good food and entertainment. Delicious food is an essential feature of any event and event caterers should look through the eyes of West Palm Beach foodies to match and or surpass expectations.