The King’s Academy President’s Luncheon


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The King’s Academy President’s Luncheon

The king's academy

To celebrate the end of the school year, The King’s Academy throws an exclusive party to recognize the outstanding support and dedication of its faculty members. For the school, it had been a year of hard work in providing quality and world class education to both parents and students. Pronto, it would be a notable treat for all the teachers and team management to gather and revel in their self-earned rewards.

The King’s Academy demonstrates its indebtedness and sincere appreciation for this year’s line-up of committed teachers. This is also an unequivocal opportunity to give recognition and credit to the teachers as they have been the forerunners of the business. Nothing compares to the fervidness and ardor of the faculty members, accommodating around 1,500 students enrolled each year and providing inventive classes and lessons daily. Duly, it is that time of the year for TKA to express its gratitude, and who could go wrong by hosting a luncheon?

In coordination with the best event planners and caterers in West Palm Beach, the staff and employees of The King’s Academy will be provided with the most delightful luncheon experience. It is an honor for the Wellington Hospitality Group to direct and organize such a significant event. Henceforward, the scheduled President’s Luncheon on Wednesday, dated 29th of May 2019 would be reliably operated by the Palm Beach catering company. This event circle has been around for a while and have served various clubs and businesses. In Florida, the general public benefits from all-around events and catering services for years. The convenience of obtaining wedding, birthday and catering services turned out to be common and in style. On the other hand, it would be a beneficial project for The Wellington Hospitality Group to provide its first-rate services in the county. Guests will have a full catering service not limited to a festive banquet menu. The King’s Academy teachers and staff will be indulged with an array of food choices from seafood, tender meats to fresh fruits and vegetables displayed in a creative cuisine presentation. The entirety of the occasion will be sparkly, generous, and prepared to perfection.

In part of the program, the President’s Luncheon comprises of fun activities that will be set up by the school’s event management committee, coming in with awards, prizes and alike from sponsors. Expected to give their brief remarks and convey short ‘thank you’ messages are the academy’s President, Mr. Randal L. Martin and The King’s Academy Chairman Dr. Clyde S. Meckstroth. Correspondingly, the company folks will be serenaded and entertained by local Palm Beach artists. Definitely, it would be one of the pronounced party events in Palm Beach, Florida.

As The King’s Academy closes another school year with its annual celebration, educators will finally feel acknowledged and appreciated. It makes sense to revitalize and empower teachers if an educational institute’s goal is to boost and heighten its learning environment.

The President’s Luncheon is happening this week. All employees are kindly asked to RSVP an Employee-Only invitation.