Wellington Hospitality Group’s ongoing food providing operations on Hurricane Dorian


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Wellington Hospitality Group’s ongoing food providing operations on Hurricane Dorian

Wellington Hospitality Group is hard at work against the stormy adversity: Providing food for linesmen working to restore power after Hurricane Dorian’s damaging run on the South East coastlines. Dorian developed from a tropical wave first confirmed last August 24. And before Labor Day last Sept 1, WHG started preparing for this mission. They also posted ads for additional help on their Facebook page.

Using their expertise in food prep and serving big numbers of people, they are providing food to linesmen doing active work 24/7 in shifts, at areas left devastated by the storm. With current damages amounting to $7 Billion, declarations for a state of emergency have been posted each for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, and followed by evacuation notices.

As Dorian continues to scathe North Carolina, it threatens further towards Puerto Rico, and Florida areas. It has already swarmed through the Bahamas, with casualties and property damage as reminding results. Although now downgraded from Category 5 to 2, the threat is still serious for those about to be reached next.

Following a public call out for additional personnel, WHG is serving food to our linesmen in order to help them do their toiling work to restore operations back to normal. These are paid work offers, and the work is also thorough in order to parallel the active duty personnel out there in the field.

Power is the most crucial service needed in these clusters of states. It must be restored immediately in order for the whole areas to get back thousands of lives up and running, as well as all important daily operations elsewhere as well.

FPL or Florida Power and Light follow strict work ethic to retain power utilities on as much as possible during difficult weather conditions, and to immediately work in repairing and restoring fallen power systems back in order to help cities and areas back to normal operations as soon as possible.